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About Us

Committed to Excellence

Founded by Eric J. Loiacano, TAG, INC. Solutions Consulting leverages his diverse capabilities, deep industry knowledge and relationships to provide consulting guidance and leadership for enterprise security platform capabilities and expansion initiatives. Our mission is true client advocacy. We are uniquely qualified to bring high levels of effectiveness because of EJL's fist hand career experience with enterprise manufacturing, systems integration contracting and investing.

EJL's multi-faceted career spanning over 25 years has included well documented success      :

  • Systems Integration Contracting with dozens of successful enterprise design, project and program executions over the years

  • Enterprise Platform Software Developer Manufacturing with dozens of relationships in the channel community with its diversity of unique individual skillsets and cultures

  • Systems Integrator Investor, Director and Board Member with deep understanding of structural and staff requirements for profitability and growth 


These past experiences as an insider and high level performer in these capacities gives him the practical understanding of how to truly and effectively advocate for enterprise security initiatives.

"Over the years I've been fortunate enough to provide guidance and leadership on many successful regional, multi-regional and global project endeavors. Acting as a trusted resource to bring meaningful change in a client's unique setting has always provided fulfillment for me. My role and spectrum of experience gives me the advantage of a multitude of industry connections and an uncompromised ability to provide true vision, advocacy and integrity" -EJL 

Enterprise designs, standards and implementations we've influenced...

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