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Lenel OnGuard Subscription Training

There’s no better way to get started with Lenel OnGuard and ActivAdmin than right here, right now. Lenel and ActivAdmin are a new administrator’s best friend.


Cloud based training tools streamline your operation. They are an effective way to manage post pandemic workforce turnover challenges.

What you learn...


Curriculum is structured and sequenced to provide a well rounded overview of administrator activities.

Completed courses are identified so students and administrators can keep track of progress.


See for yourself – play the tutorial and watch Steve the Security Geek walk you through “How to Replace a Lost Card”

Lenel OnGuard has never been easier or faster to learn

Unlimited users can be registered by one or more users provided with administrator rights. Automatic emails notify users that they are registered.

Wherever you are, whenever you want them. Lenel OnGuard tutorials are available on any Internet-enabled device. Access from your desktop, laptop, tablet, even your smartphone. Short and simple: Lenel goes where you go, and makes learning a breeze.


Follow these simple steps and let us do the rest. You can trust that ActivAdmin will:

  • Update tutorials to the newest versions

  • Add new topics

  • Automate registration emails

  • Report your success

  • Connect you with your VAR

What people are saying...

"These fill a big hole in the industry. I highly recommend them."
                                        - Dominick C., Senior Lenel Consultant, TRC
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