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Buyer's Advocate

An expert on your side. Our deep knowledge of the technology manufacturers and channel provider landscape enables true collaborative negotiation for the best possible value. Simplification of the procurement process to result in the highest levels of accuracy.

Our advocacy for you will ensure that you to receive the best comprehensive responses from the most qualified providers for your important initiatives.

RFP Development

We can help you and your procurement team to craft an RFP that accurately conveys your objective needs and meets your procurement requirements. Through the elimination of variables we will elicit confident proposal responses from prospective providers.

Proposal Evaluation

Through our business and technical evaluation process, we will help you to identify the unique strengths and benefits of each proposal package - to ensure that the best possible match.

RFP Administration

We can provide expert assistance in the entire RFP administration process including distribution to qualified and experienced providers, management of the communication RFI process, review activities, interview and award.

Contract Negotiation

We will assist you in creating the contract and framing final negotiation terms that bring out the elements of a mutually beneficial and fulfilling engagement for the project at the most favorable overall value to cost rations - both short and long term.

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